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DC Blockers

IsoTek’s range of Syncro named products, EVO3 Syncro cable, EVO3 Syncro Uni and EVO3 Nova can remove irritating transformer hum from your equipment and improve sound replay. Strictly speaking the problem with DC on the mains as it is referred to, is an imbalance of the mains sine wave on the zero volts line, it isn’t really a mains noise, but it can cause considerable mechanical vibration within products which will dramatically affect performance.

It is the strangest of problems on the AC line, which is a quirk of magnetic circuit design. A simple hairdryer can cause massive noise in big amplifier transformers. IsoTek has developed a series of devices called Syncro that remove the DC offset and dramatically improve your audio performance.


EVO3 Syncro Uni

This sophisticated product can be used independently for a single component, or in combination with another IsoTek power cleaner as an upgrade and to deliver a fully rebalanced sine wave across all output sockets.

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EVO3 Syncro

Syncro is a high performance power cable, which incorporates unique DC-cancelling electronics, that rebalances the mains sine wave on the zero volts line to dramatically reduce/silence transformer hum.

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