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The Select Series

Search for perfection

Maintaining a healthy environment for your audio or AV system is essential for recreating realistic audio performances. IsoTek’s multi-award-winning Select series of products guarantees to provide your system with vastly improved power, ensuring that you achieve the best possible audio quality whenever you listen.

Ownership of a Select product will maximize your musical enjoyment through innovative proprietary technologies, which have been independently acknowledged to be the finest money can buy and endorsed by numerous audio magazine reviews and awards not only in the UK but also worldwide.

The Select Products

V5 Sigmas

The V5 Sigmas is the bigger brother of our highly respected V5 Aquarius. Offering 4 medium power outlets, rated at 10A and 3 high current 16A, driven by a light version of the Titan’s Direct-Coupled© circuit. It represents an extremely cost effective full system upgrade.

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EVO3 Nova

The EVO3 Nova is a state of the art passive power cleaning system incorporating full DC cancellation. The system offers 12 independently filtered power outlets, eight rated at 10A and four rated at 16A, these designed for high current electronics, for example power amplifiers, active loudspeakers or subwoofers. These also feature a slightly pared down version of the Titan’s unique Direct-Coupled© circuit. Nova is a full system solution, full system upgrade incorporating 12 independent filter networks, each supporting its own output socket.

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V5 Titan

The new V5 Titan is a progression of IsoTek’s original multi award-winning design. Whilst utilising the unique Direct-Coupled© technology, the circuit has been radically updated with 50% increased PCB copper-loading. V5 Titan is the ultimate high current conditioner in the smallest form factor.

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Where to buy

Clean Power for 50+ Countries

IsoTek has appointed distributors across the world to support its products and to give you the customer the best local service by professionals appointed through our distributors network. Please choose your country to find a local IsoTek supplier near you.