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The Discovery Series

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Discover IsoTek’s award-winning range of power conditioning systems developed to improve, enhance and protect the sensitive audio components you own. Power is the first input to any home entertainment system; it flows through your system and is used by each component in turn to create the signal that moves your loudspeaker drive units and delivers the pixels on your home theatre screen.

What we see and hear is fashioned from, and by, mains electricity – it’s the ‘raw material’ from which the ‘art’ is created. The Discovery range offers an affordable way not only to protect your investment from dangerous power surges and voltage spikes, but also to guarantee the best possible performance whenever you listen.

The Discovery Products

EVO3 Isoplug

Deploy IsoPlug around your home to stop Differential Mains noise created by personal computers, fridge freezers, microwave ovens; in fact anything with a power supply that is connected into the wall sockets around your home. Simply plug into the wall sockets next to these appliances for immediate effect.

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EVO3 Mini Mira

EVO3 Mini Mira is designed specifically for audio-visual applications and utilizes the already highly praised unique ‘Triple Resonance Filter©’ circuit which improves the performance of CRT, LCD, LED, OLED and plasma screens, and is also fully compatible with projectors.

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EVO3 Gemini

The EVO3 Gemini is a compact version of the award-winning EVO3 Polaris, featuring just two output sockets rated at 10A. Gemini is a cost-effective upgrade designed for simple two box audio or audio-visual systems or as a means to extend power outlets from the IsoTek EVO3 Genesis One Sine wave generators.

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EVO3 Polaris

Your chance to enter IsoTek’s innovative and multi award-winning range of power line cleaning solutions. Polaris is a cost effective upgrade to any audio or audio-visual system, delivering improved performance and protection as well as astonishing value for money.

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EVO3 Corvus

EVO3 Corvus is an evolution of IsoTek’s award winning EVO3 Polaris design, reconfigured to feature nine output sockets with increased wattage. It is a cost effective upgrade to any audio or audio-visual system, delivering improved performance and protection as well as being great value for money. Corvus can be easily wall mounted behind your audio system.

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EVO3 Initium

EVO3 Initium is IsoTek’s new entry level power cable designed to offer high quality performance at an extremely fair price.

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The Discovery Awards & Reviews

Award / Review
Immediately noticeable

“The Mira’s effect was immediately noticeable on all displays… The IsoTek Mini Mira should be auditioned by anyone interested in achieving the very best picture and sound quality.”

Award / Review
Placing second in Top 10 of the 2010s

“Well, maybe not broken, but certainly not working in a way you could describe as healthy. Don’t believe me? Come, grab an Isotek….even with the addition of IsoTek’s most basic filter board (the EVO3 Polaris) a cacophony of nonsense was banished from the system. It was audible instantly. For every model we tried further up the IsoTek line, we heard a significant improvement again, again and again. I can’t stress this enough – come and try some IsoTek.”

Award / Review
EVO3 Polaris wins Roast Award Accessory 2019-2020
Award / Review
Particularly good value for money

“More space, lower noise and greater resolution… An increase in timing precision, depth of bass and a much greater sense of musical flow. Highly recommended and particularly good value for money.”

Award / Review
Hi-Fi Choice Recommendation

“With EVO3 Gemini connected into my system using a supplied EVO3 Initium cable…playing music through my audio system, I am particularly struck by the inky black silences between the musical phrases; this tells me that the noise floor is very low indeed when EVO3 Gemini is in situ. Altogether a very impressive piece of kit. Recommended.”

Award / Review
Accessorize to the max

“No Hi-Fi system should be without some kind of mains improver and this one’s a gem”

EVO3 Gemini compact two-way mains power cleaner

IsoTek the leading brand of power conditioning solutions for hi-fi and home cinema systems has launched the next generation of the Discovery
Series the EVO3 Gemini main conditioning block.

Award / Review
Cleaning up

“Well built and effective in improving the sound by giving a quieter background and smoother flow.”

Award / Review
A Great Addition

“The EVO3 Corvus is a great addition. The sound was more readable, brighter, somewhat richer, and better spread out into space. The basic character of the compositions did not change, but they werE a little bit more vivid and more authoritative.”

Award / Review
Cloud nine way

“I dont know of any similarly priced rival that can better it. This is a no-nonsense piece of engineering that can handle expansive multi-component systems and help to deliver even more of the qualities you enjoy.”

Award / Review
Special Recommendation
EVO3 Corvus – the evolution of the multi-award winner Polaris!

IsoTek the leading brand of power conditioning solutions for hifi and home cinema systems has launched the next generation of the Discovery Series the EVO3 Corvus main conditioning block.

Award / Review
Perfect for home cinema

“The IsoTek Mini Mira is the perfect device to prevent mains interference or damage to your AV home cinema system – an excellent recommendation for your home cinema!”

Award / Review
One for all displays
    “The IsoTek Mini Mira improves the performance of all video displays, from LCD and Plasma screens to traditional CRT sets and video projectors.”


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