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The Mosaic Series

The sum is greater

A series of compact power cleaning systems that deliver cutting edge performance in either half-rack width or quarter rack width format. Mosaic balances ultimate power conditioning, voltage stabilization and mains sine wave generation in a series of components that you can select to suit all of your audio or audio-visual needs.

Create your own clean power solution. Choose the EVO3 Mosaic Genesis, a half-rack width hybrid conditioner combining IsoTek’s ultimate sine wave generation as well as the Titan’s unique high-current Direct-Coupled© circuit. Alternatively select the Mosaic One Series, dedicated power cleaning components tailored specifically to suite each of your systems components. EVO3 Titan One, EVO3 Genesis One or EVO3 Nova One. Individual pieces that combine to create perfectly arranged solutions – that’s IsoTek Mosaic.

The Mosaic Products

EVO3 Mosaic Genesis

The EVO3 Mosaic Genesis is a hybridised version of IsoTek’s Ultimate series. Combining the extremely low THD sine wave generation engine from Genesis and a lighter version of the EVO3 Super Titan’s Direct-Coupled© conditioning network, it delivers the perfect balance between power and performance.

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The Mosaic Awards & Reviews

Award / Review
Fidelity 2020 Award Winner

“IsoTek’s EVO3 Genesis One feeds components with up to 100 watts of power consumption with a flawless sine wave that frees the music playback from any power influence. Together with its siblings Titan One and Nova One, individual power preparations can be put together for complete systems.”

Award / Review
Best Power 2019 Award for EVO3 Genesis One

Award / Review
Extremely talented and well-realised

“This (EVO3 Nova One) is potentially a very sound upgrade indeed as it provides a straightforward way of extracting higher performance from these traditionally tricky to upgrade devices. This is another extremely talented and well-realised (IsoTek) device that should work well in a variety of different situations.”


Award / Review
Very Sophisticated

“A very sophisticated product for very high-level systems, which is one of the most relevant improvements that can be incorporated into them once a combination is fine-tuned.”

Award / Review
A fantastic starting point for extensive cleaning work

“The elegant hybrid concept of the EVO3 Mosaic Genesis impressed us in its entirety in every way. Components with large loads, such as power amplifiers or full amps, get purified mains current; components with restrained and moderate loads, such as CD players or pre-stages, are supplied with entirely newly generated voltage. The EVO3 Mosaic Genesis offers a fantastic starting point for extensive cleaning work.”

Award / Review
An Obvious Clean Up

“Adding the Nova One opened up the sound and improved the timing, increasing definition of leading edges, which resulted in greater drama and an obvious cleaning up of the high frequencies.”

Award / Review
Truly impressive three-dimensional Sound

“The Titan One creates a truly impressive, confident, holographic, three-dimensional sound. More settled, more precise and readable. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate how your high-end components can really play at 100% – and you may be surprised at how good this can be.”

From the award-winning Mosaic Series evolves the new EVO3 Nova One!

The leading brand of power conditioning solutions for hi-fi and home cinema systems has launched the EVO3 Nova One from the Multi-awarding winning Mosaic Series.

Award / Review
Amazing warmth and Detail

“IsoTek’s latest development Mosaic Genesis is a full sine wave generation system with amazing warmth, detail and vanishingly low levels of Total Harmonic Distortion.”

Introducing the new and compact almighty Titan One!

IsoTek the leading brand of power conditioning solutions for hi-fi and home cinema systems has launched the EVO3 Titan One from the Multi-awarding winning Mosaic Series.

Award / Review
Makes the music spring out of nowhere

“The EVO3 Titan One lowers the background noise of your system slightly, enough to liberate the dynamic range of that component somewhat without any compromises elsewhere. Used on its own,it has a smoothing quality to the performance, opening up the soundstage slightly and presenting the sound in a more even-handed manner.”

Award / Review
That bit more fluid

“The EVO3 Genesis One takes the sound of your system and removes its edginess and hardness. It doesn’t change the character of the presentation, just makes that presentation seem less ‘angular’ and harsh sounding. The overall presentation is just that bit more fluid, more able to process and draw together the themes within a piece of music.”


Award / Review
Among the best!

“IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis – outstanding – amongst the best! What the IsoTek did for sound quality was fascinating and beyond my experience of other mains filters and supplies. It was also quite profound. The EVO3 Mosaic improved every aspect of the system in which I used it, sharpness and laceration receding. It brought in a silky quality, accompanied by deep insight and genuinely strong dynamics, possessing a relaxing delivery at the same time.”

Award / Review
Hats off for this category!

“Without any ifs or buts – with the EVO3 Genesis One, the IsoTek crew around mastermind Keith Martin have once again achieved a milestone in the power supply of a high-end system. Optimised for every application, IsoTek provides the perfect device. Especially for digital source devices there is probably nothing better for the money on the market than the EVO3 Genesis One – this is definitely true high-end. Hats off for this category!”


The compact clean power solution

IsoTek’s Mosaic series offers a trio of compact power cleaning solutions in an elegant slim width format.

Award / Review
Everything rendered sounds more organic

“Classical, acoustic and vocal lovers will notice a greater delta between Genesis and no Genesis. Everything rendered sounds more organic, more natural as if another barrier has been removed between you and the music. If you’ve taken your system to 11, this will take it to 12. I guarantee you will be so enthused with the results that it will sell itself.”

Award / Review
Perfect game-raiser for small high-performance audio systems

“It brings out the best in your system. IsoTek’s EVO3 Mosaic Genesis is the perfect game-raiser for small high-performance audio systems, and one that will become harder to live without over time, because our power is not going to get any better. Once heard in action, it’s hard to live without. Highly recommended.

top-of-range one-box power conditioning

The new EVO3 Mosiac Genesis is a five-way mains conditioning unit in an elegant half-width format, featuring three outlets for front-end source components and preamplifiers and two for high-current amplifiers, subwoofers and the like.

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