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The Ultimate Series

Compromising ends right here

Following more than a decade of award-winning excellence, IsoTek has unleashed the Ultimate series – the final word in ultra-high-end power cleaning components. Revolutionary technology and unrivalled expertise have created three cutting-edge solutions able to completely transform the performance of any high-quality audio or AV system.

EVO3 Super Titan, designed for power hungry components, dramatically improves upon the original Titan Direct-Coupled© design circuit. EVO3 Super Nova, designed for source components, offers the most sophisticated passive power cleaning networks. And then there’s the EVO3 Genesis: the world’s first ultra-low-distortion, multiple mains sine wave generator, which creates from a zero point a totally pure re-built mains sine wave.


Whatever your budget, IsoTek delivers the world’s best power cleaning solutions for lovers of high quality sound.

The Ultimate Products

EVO3 Ascension

EVO3 Ascension takes IsoTek’s power cable designs and technical innovations to a new level. It drops the noise floor to an inky black level, opens the soundstage with holographic images, air and space and unparalleled micro dynamics. Astonishing.

Where to buy

Clean Power for 50+ Countries

IsoTek has appointed distributors across the world to support its products and to give you the customer the best local service by professionals appointed through our distributors network. Please choose your country to find a local IsoTek supplier near you.