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Goed nieuws van IsoTek

V5 Aquarius – i-Fidelity


“Tijdrovende tonen aan dat de V5 Aquarius hoorbaar doeltreffender is dan zijn voorganger.

Geluidskwaliteit: uitmuntend”

Olaf Sturm, oktober 2021

iEar Show 2021


Ervaar IsoTek-producten op de

iEar Show 2021 en aanschouw voor het eerst onze

nieuwe V5-productlijn.

V5 Elektra – Hi-Fi+


“The IsoTek V5 Elektra needs no apologies or excuses; you plug it in, you hear what it does, you buy it.“

Alan Sircom, September 2022

V5 Corvus – lite magazin

“..the reproduction has more transparency and details, greater plasticity and spatiality, better dynamics and greater precision, more volume especially in the bass and overall increases in coherence and relaxation.”

Volker Frech, September 2022

V5 Polaris –


“Komt als een openbaring”

Olaf Sturm, oktober 2022

V5 Aquarius –


“..the IsoTek Aquarius V5 .. has noticeably improved the performance of my hi-fi system.”

Recommended – Reference Class

Jonas Bednarz – October 2022

hi-fi+ Product of the year


“V5 Titan improves upon that performance in every way. Once you’ve (not) heard it working, it’s hard to go back.”

Hi-Fi+ Magazine

V5 Elektra
“To further improve performance on an almost perfect system is extremely difficult. However, IsoTek V5 Elektra proved that it play an important role to the system, doesn’t matter it’s a Wireless Loudspeaker- or a High End System, sonically V5 Elektra is very neutral didn’t add any coloration to the sound. Highly recommended!“
Martin, Audiotechnique  – January 2023
V5 Sirius – i-fidelity

“we are also aware of positive sonic effects of this magnitude from other mains filters, but never before has there been this result with a three-digit price tag.”

Olaf Sturm – April 2023

V5 Elektra

“The IsoTek V5 Elektra needs no apologies or excuses; you plug it in, you hear what it does, you buy it.“

Alan Sircom – April 2023


V5 Sirius

“..the common belief that a power filter will choke your dynamics didn’t seem to apply here. On the contrary, the bass even gained punch, and the brass instruments definitely increased in details and intensity. Overall, the recording felt “awakened”, more alive and diverse.“

Daniel Březina – June 2023

V5 Elektra

“V5 Elektra zorgt voor een zuiver, dynamisch en neutraal uitgebalanceerd geluidsbeeld.“

Fritz I. Schwertfeger – Juli 2023

V5 Sigmas

“The jump from EVO3 to V5 might be considered ‘evolution’ and not ‘revolution,’ but only on paper. In real-world performance terms, it’s a honking great big step forward in sound….. EVO3 Sigmas made decent systems sound more realistic, and the V5 Sigmas improves upon that realism significantly.”
Alan Sircom – October 2023

V5 Sigmas

“The bass has greater articulation and definition, and the high frequencies have more air and precision.“

hi-fi+ – December 2023

V5 Sigmas –

“Het gebruik van de V5 Sigmas tilt elk goed systeem naar een muzikaal niveau dat nauwelijks kan worden bereikt door het vervangen van apparaten.“

Stephan Schmid – December 2023

V5 Sigmas – Product of the year

“.. it surpasses what we’ve had the opportunity to hear in the power filter segment so far.“ 

Daniel Březina – October 2023



hi-fi+ EDITOR`S CHOICE AWARD 2024 for the

V5 Titan

V5 Titan – Hong Kong

“…fun, effective and reasonably priced, the V5 Titan, is highly recommended!”

Hi Fi Review Hong Kong – June 2024

Hong Kong AV Show

Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show

Room S223 – Ernest Audio

Hi-Fi & High End Show ME

Hi-Fi & High End Show ME

(Radisson Red Hotel Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, AE)

Rooms 406, 407, 408 – Raw Music Store

Workshop in Germany

IsoTek Workshop in Germany

July 26th, 2024 – 3pm till 8pm